How To Restore iPhoto Library on Mac Mountain Lion

Do you have lost vital photos from iPhoto library on Mac OS X Mountain Lion? Are you really want to recover deleted photos on Mac? Then you are at the right place to find solution. How ever, Mac OS X Mountain Lion is a superb operating system having many useful application and inbuilt utilities. iPhoto application also comes bundled with Mac OS. It is used to store, print, share and edit digital images. It has a database which contains data files to keep all the information such as keywords, ratings, albums, etc. Any deletion or corruption of these data files or photo files makes them inaccessible and you will be unable to view your precious photos. You can use a photo recovery tool to overcome these photo loss scenarios. Let us see how it is possible to rebuild iPhoto library after corruption or deletion on Mac Mountain Lion.

Rebuild iPhoto Library on Mac Mountain Lion

As mentioned above Mac OS X Mountain Lion provides you some very useful utilities which can help you to recover iPhoto library photos. You can use Time Machine backup if you have set up it for an updated backup. You can use Rebuild option in the minor corruption of iPhoto Library database. But all these inbuilt utilities can’t restore or repair any major corruption or deletion of iPhoto library files. In these circumstances you need a third party photo recovery tool to rebuild iPhoto library and recover deleted photos on Mac.

Note : Command + Delete key only erases file allocation table entry which posses name, address and some other important informations of file. An operating system can’t find any file in absence of these informations although the files are still present on any location of hard drive. This is a fact and this is the only reason that we can recover these deleted files. So it is very necessary to stop using of drive immediately. Because uses of drive can overwrite those deleted files and they will be lost for ever.

Mac Photo Recovery Software

You can use a very effective and accurate recovery tool to recover deleted, corrupted or lost iPhoto images with the help of Mac Photo Recovery software. It is embedded with a very powerful scanning algorithm which can search any deleted or formatted file without losing a single bit of it. It is not an issue while recovery that what type of file type of your photos. This is a perfect recovery tool to recover iPhoto library photos on Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

User Guide For Mac Photo Recovery Software

Step 1: Launch Mac photo recovery software on Macintosh computer.


Step 2: Select the storage media from Select volume window.


Step 3: Noe select file type of Photos to be recovered.


Step 4: Select a scan method.


Step 5: After scanning see the preview and select files. Now click on Recover button.

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