Lacie Drive Recovery: How to Recover Data from LaCie Drive on Mac Mountain Lion

Are you having problem in accessing your important data you have stored in Lacie drive on Mac Mountain Lion ? Aren’t you able to find any option regarding your problem and your looking for an effective way of LaCie drive recovery then you are at right place and now you need not to worry any more. Just go through this post carefully and you will find all possible causes and remedies of your problem.

Lacie drive is an external storage media which has the capability of storing huge amount of data. Usually users store their personal files like music, videos, movies, images and confidential data in it to carry with them because it is compact and portable. But some times these data get corrupted or lost and take users to a severe data loss situation.

 Causes of Data loss of LaCie Drive on Mac

  • System crash
  • Accidental deletion.
  • Virus attack
  • Improper ejection of hard drive.
  • Due to Partition failure.

Prevention tips: How to avoid data loss on LaCie External Hard Drive

As prevention is better than cure then users must be careful while using Lacie drive. Some of the prevention tips are listed below by following them one can prevent the chances of corruption of data.

  •  Regular drive scan for virus.
  •  Always be careful while deleting files.
  •  Perform systematic ejection of drive.
  •  Be careful while creating Partitions
  • Do not overwrite your drive after data loss, otherwise it may cause you lose your data forever.

 Solution: Lacie drive recovery on Mac Mountain Lion

As it is an external storage media then any of your system are not effective and useful in recovering lost from Lacie drive. You have to use Lacie drive recovery software a third party professional data recovery tool which is the most effective solution for your problem. It is a very handy tool which is capable of recovering all your data with ease. Its GUI is attractive and handling is much easier than any other tools. It is the best option that you have.

Key features of the software

  •  Recovers your data from damaged, corrupted and formatted LaCie drive.
  •  It supports storage space bigger than 2TB.
  •  Recover lost data during partition.
  •  User friendly GUI and easy to use.

 User Guide :- Lacie drive recovery software

 Step:1 Download and install and then launch Lacie drive recovery software.

 Step:2 Select your volume to recover data

 Step:3 Select the file type of data that you are looking for

Step:4 Click on scan button to start scan process.

Step:5  Save your data and exit the application

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